Cryogenics is an enabling technology behind much in Energy, Science, Space, Food, Healthcare and Industry, in which Oxfordshire leads the world.

Over 30 organisations in Oxfordshire are engaged directly in cryogenics, directly accounting for over 1000 employees and £1 Billion economic activity.

A world-leading triangle of research laboratories, academia and industry, including Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford Instruments and Rutherford Laboratory, brought the world’s first MRI scanners and the most successful cryocooler technology flown in space.

An exceptional concentration of this enabling technology has evolved around Oxford and is unmatched anywhere else in the world, which has resulted in sought-after specialists at all levels.

The British Cryogenics Cluster has the potential to drive further exciting new developments including The Dearman Engine, powered by Liquid Air, as part of the wider ‘Liquid Air Economy’.

Oxfordshire is arguably the world capital of cryogenics, having pioneered cryogenic-enabled developments like MRI scanners, and is playing a leading role in the new technologies - it’s the best place on the planet to do cryogenic business.

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Network Navigator for Cryogenics

John Vandore is Manager of the Cryox Brand - Cryogenic Technology from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). John studied Engineering, later adding an MBA, and from an initial career in Product Planning and International Sales and Marketing in the automotive industry, he moved into General Management in Flow Control, running and acquiring manufacturing and distribution companies in the UK and North America.

Back in the UK, John bought in to a small Cryogenics company in Oxfordshire, and is centrally involved in the exceptional Cryogenic Community in the UK and internationally.

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STFC's Cryogenics Impact Report

Cryogenics is a force for good, an enabling technology behind so many applications.
STFC's Cryogenics Impact Report estimates 17% of the UK Economy is broadly associated with cryogenics - and would have considerable difficulty without it - in food, science, energy, healthcare and space.

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