Oxfordshire Grant Funding

Grants, vouchers and related funding for Oxfordshire based organisations

We will post new local funding schemes for businesses here when they are announced. Think we've missed any? Let us know!


Our new ERDF funded grant application process will  be opening shortly (early summer 2017) .

The grant will be available to pre-start, start-up and growing businesses. If you are looking to start a project in your business, which will result in business growth, then your business could be eligible for a grant. Your overall project cost could receive a grant of up to a third of the overall total cost. E.g. Project cost is £3,000 grant would be £1,000. Grants will range from £1,000 - £5,000.

The first step in this process is now open. A simple eligibility form asking some basic details about you as a business and what you would like to use the grant for. 

Please complete one of the forms below (start-ups are any business trading for 12 months or less) .

Start-Up Grant Eligibility Form

Growth Eligibility Form

Once we have checked your eligibility you will then receive an email from the OBS team to notify you of the result. If you are eligible you will be invited to apply once applications are being received.

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Local grant schemes

The funding for innovative Oxfordshire SMEs and Social Enterprises through the Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) programme has now been fully allocated and the programme closed in 2015 - read more about it here.