Marketing Support Workshops

OBS is offering marketing workshops to give Oxfordshire businesses the skills to develop a successful marketing strategy, and enable them to effectively promote their product or service.

Workshops will run throughout 2016. Applicants should select the most appropriate level workshop for their stage of business:

  • Foundation session: Marketing Bootcamp - a gentle introduction to help you to review and build an effective marketing strategy. No marketing background whatsoever is necessary and any amount of questions, at whatever level, are welcome.
  • Intermediate session: Marketing Plans in a Day - for businesses to look at marketing theory and understand how to develop a marketing plan. No formal training is necessary, as this session provides all the elements that you need. The pace is swift, to ensure you leave with a wide range of new tools.
  • Foundation: Branding in a Day - a friendly introduction to the heart of any business: its brand. It isn't about logos, typefaces or colourways – rather, it's about how your firm is perceived by others and, as such, is critical to the success of any company. Visual identity is one part, but only a small part, of that. No prior knowledge or experience of branding is required.
  • Foundation: Lead Conversion from Start to Finish - many firms focus on generating leads, but few manage those leads to close and beyond. Starting with a recap of the customer lifecycle, before focusing on a key part of that journey: turning prospects into customers


"Justin covered the entire course content while answering our questions as we worked through the exercises and still managed to start and finish on time."

Dates and Venues

Please note that dates and venues are subject to change but there will be a range of venues across the county:





Tuesday 22nd November 2016

09:30-16:00 Foundation: Marketing Bootcamp Banbury (TBC)

Wednesday 23rd November 2016


Foundation: Branding in a Day

Bodicote House, Cherwell District Council, Banbury

Thursday 24th November 2016


Foundation: Lead Conversion from Start to Finish

Bodicote House, Cherwell District Council, Banbury

Friday 25th November 2016

09:30-16:00 Foundation: Branding in a Day South Oxfordshire & Vale of White Horse District Council Offices, Milton Park

Friday 13th January 2017


Intermediate: Marketing Plans in a Day


"Handled the dynamic of the group very well, making sure that everyone had a chance to speak and have their questions answered."


"Rated just below 'perfect' only because I will only find the true value once I go away and do SOSTAC in-house."

We are happy to accept applications from those in the process of starting a business. In these cases we ask that you submit your business plan with your application.

Please note that this scheme is being offered under the European Commission’s De Minimis State Aid regulations – more details will be included in the application pack.

*To check if you are an SME please see the European Commission's definition here

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