Terms & Conditions

Oxfordshire Business Support (OBS) Client Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Oxfordshire Business Support (OBS) is a free service, delivered on behalf of Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) Ltd.

OBS is part of a growing range of integrated services for businesses provided through OxLEP and its partners launched in 2014.

For business support in Oxfordshire we:

  • Signpost to local and national support via the OBS web portal and helpline
  • Provide specialist advice and guidance through our Network Navigators
  • Encourage start-ups, growth and innovation with a range of local products and services

This notice sets out the general terms and conditions which apply to all clients accessing OBS services:

  • Helpline and triage scheme
  • Network Navigators
  • OBS Web Portal

2. General

2.1 Choice of law and jurisdiction

If any dispute arises out the use of OBS services you agree that these terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

2.2 Changes to these conditions

OxLEP may change the terms and conditions for using OBS services. The current terms will be displayed on Terms and Conditions page of the OBS Web Portal: http://www.oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk/content/terms-conditions

2.3 Data sharing

In order to support clients effectively, information (including personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) in respect of your use of OBS services may be shared with third party organisations to facilitate audit, compliance, reporting, service delivery and other administrative, legislative and regulatory purposes.

By using OBS services you consent to our sharing any information you provide (including to the extent that such information constitutes personal data) with the third party organisations as listed below for the above purposes.

The third parties to whom the information may be transferred or shared are as follows:

  • Delivery Partners to include:
    • Cherwell District Council
    • Oxford Brookes University
    • Oxford City Council
    • Oxfordshire County Council
    • South Oxfordshire District Council
    • University of Oxford
    • Vale of White Horse District Council
    • West Oxfordshire District Council
  • Funding Authorities such as Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)
  • Internal and External Auditors appointed by the above bodies
  • National Audit Office
  • European Commission Directorate Generals

OxLEP may, if your access of OBS services is as a corporate entity, use information you provide to match your information with other data sources to understand more about organisations similar to your business to understand general patterns and trends. We will not publish any information relating to your business as the result of the outcome of our analysis which identifies (or could lead to identification) of any individual business.

You consent to OxLEP using information you provide to us in relation to OBS to contact you in relation to OBS impact assessment surveys and such other surveys and services (including our newsletter and events programme) that we feel may be of value to you and the wider Oxfordshire business community.

If you have any questions as to the purposes for which we use (or intend to use) information you provide in relation to OBS including requests to 'opt out' of sharing your data please contact us on enquiries@oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk.

2.4 Data sharing definitions

“Personal Data” has the same meaning as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and means “data” from which a living individual can be identified.

“You” means “you” if your application is made by you on an individual basis, but if made in respect of a corporate or unincorporated entity then “you” means “for and on behalf of the corporate or unincorporated entity (as may be the case)”.

2.5 Using any information provided through OBS

While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information provided through OBS, OxLEP accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements. In line with this, OxLEP is not liable for any action you may take as a result of relying on such information or advice or for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of taking this action.

3. Our triage service

The OBS triage service includes enquiries submitted to OBS via the telephone helpline, OBS email addresses and the OBS Web Portal contact form.

By accessing the OBS triage service you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in this notice.

4. Our Network Navigators

The OBS Network Navigators are a free service, delivered on behalf of OxLEP. They:

  • Provide advice and guidance
  • Signpost to sources of help
  • Specialise in their sector
  • Are well-connected locally
  • Link clusters, experts and networks

By accessing OBS Network Navigator scheme you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in this notice.

5. Our Web Portal

The OBS Web Portal is owned by OxLEP.

In this section we explain the terms on which OxLEP provides the information on OBS Web Portal. By accessing the OBS Web Portal you are agreeing to the terms and privacy information set out below.

5.1 Information contained on OBS Web Portal

OxLEP is committed to the highest standards of quality in the information provided through the OBS Web Portal. Despite our best efforts, the information contained within the OBS Web Portal may become out of date over time. If you think that there are any errors or out of date information please contact us, saying which page is in error. Thank you for your help.

5.2 Intellectual property rights

OxLEP owns the copyright and all other intellectual property rights associated with the content of this Web Portal except where otherwise stated or where using organisations' logos or materials for signposting purposes. You are welcome to print individual pages or store them in electronic form on a PC for your own non-commercial use. You may not reproduce, modify, broadcast, use for financial gain, or use for anything other than personal use any material on this Web Portal without first getting permission from the copyright holders or owners concerned.

5.3 Disclaimer for links to other Web Portal

The OBS Web Portal includes links to other websites to help you find relevant information quickly and easily. OxLEP is committed to the highest standards of quality in the information provided through the OBS Web Portal and endeavours to only link to reputable third party sites. OxLEP does not formally endorse or approve the contents of any third party websites to which these pages are linked and does not accept any liability for action you may take as a result of relying on information or advice obtained from such sites.

5.4 Disclaimer for suppliers/businesses named on the Web Portal

Where OBS provides details of companies, firms or individuals in business directories or other pages on this Web Portal the description of the goods or services they provide is based upon information supplied by them. OxLEP cannot confirm that they are legally entitled or professionally qualified to carry on a particular trade, business or profession and bear no liability for merely supplying their details. You should check any information obtained from the website before you act upon it.

The Web Portal also contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

5.5 Trademarks

All trademarks that may appear on the Web Portal are acknowledged, and are the property of their respective owners.

5.6 Privacy

You can access our Web Portal homepage and browse our Web Portal without disclosing your personal data. There may be pages on the Web Portal that invite visitors to send information via forms or email to enable you to ask for publications or information and advice, or to tell us what you think about particular issues. OxLEP takes great care of any personal information you give us in this way and in the following paragraphs we set out how any personal information you give us is treated. If you choose to give us information about yourself you will be consenting to the collection, processing and storage of the information you provide.

Before collecting any personal details through its websites, OxLEP will tell you why we need the information and what it will be used for. You always have the option of declining to give us personal information or data.

OxLEP ensures that only staff that have a business reason to look at your information or data can do so, they cannot look at your information or data for personal reasons or out of curiosity. OxLEP may employ other companies and individuals to do work which may mean they have access to some personal information or data but they have the same restrictions as our own staff and are never allowed to use it for any other purpose. OxLEP will never sell personal information or data or share personal information or data with third parties unrelated to the services we provide unless we are required to do so by law or unless you have told us you consent to our doing this.

Information you provide will be stored by OxLEP and used to process the request; it will be retained for a reasonable period. Where a business transaction is then enacted commercial records may be retained for up to seven years.

OxLEP has no way of knowing if any person providing information through this Web Portal is who they say they are. OxLEP will assume all information is genuine and cannot be held responsible for any action taken as a result on relying it. If you have any reason to think someone has provided information to OxLEP using your identity please let us know and we will correct or delete the information. You have the right to request us to remove personal data from our Web Portal at any time. To do so, please contact the appropriate directorate below.

Should you have any concern regarding collection, processing, storage or disclosure of information submitted via this Web Portal please contact OxLEP. You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information or data OxLEP holds about you. You will be asked to confirm your identity and pay a fee, currently £10. If the information we hold about you is wrong you have the right to ask us to correct it.

5.7 Availability

Our intention is to make the OBS Web Portal available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, it is possible that on occasion it may be unavailable for very short time periods to permit maintenance or other development activity to take place.

5.8 Interactive areas

The OBS Web Portal may include bulletin boards, discussion groups and other public areas that allow feedback to OxLEP and interaction between users. OxLEP does not control the information posted to these areas but it does expect contributors to comply with the following rules and also to any additional rules that may be introduced for a particular forum (the need to register for instance).

OxLEP may delete, move or edit any messages it deems unsuitable without giving a reason. You are solely responsible for the content of your messages and agree to indemnify OxLEP for any loss that we may suffer because of your action.

By submitting messages to the OBS Web Portal you are giving OxLEP the right to reproduce, adapt, make available, distribute and sub-license the message in whole or in part and in print or electronic form.

Any message you post must not:

  • Contain advertising for goods or services or try to make business use of the Web Portal
  • Contain anything unlawful, threatening, abusive, libellous, indecent
  • Mislead others about who has posted the message
  • Use language that offends in any way, in particular anything that is of a racist, sexist, nationalistic, cultural or religious nature
  • Contain a virus or any other harmful software
  • OxLEP retains the right to prevent you accessing the interactive areas of the Web Portal if you contravene these terms.