Digital support from HMRC in April

This month HMRC is offering a wide range of digital support for members, whether they're employers or self-employed.

Payroll: annual reporting and tasks: This webinar is designed primarily for employers using Basic PAYE Tools but will still be useful for those using other payroll software. It covers end of year tasks, a P60 form, the last Full Payment Submission and preparing for the new tax year. Book here

Getting payroll information right: Find out how providing accurate employee information to HMRC is important and can save time in this interactive employer webinar. Book here from the drop down menu

Payrolling benefits in kind – an overview: Find out more about payrolling expenses and benefits in this short webinar. Book here

For more ‘hands-on’ information as an employer, try our interactive online guide: ‘Becoming an employer’. Save the link and you can revisit this e-learning anytime.

There are also YouTube videos on 'How to send your final PAYE submission' and 'How to issue P60s'.

coins and receiptsHelp and support for your members if they are self-employed

Getting started: How to tell HMRC you’re self-employed, what National Insurance you’ll pay, how to keep records and budget for your first tax bill. Book here

Record-keeping: How to keep records, set up a records system and how long to keep records. Book here

Business expenses: Do your members know which business expenses are allowable? Find out about typical allowable expenses including working from home and motoring expenses. Book here

For more handy hints and tips for your members from HMRC, try our e-learning guides ‘Tax guide for the self-employed’ and ‘Self-employed business expenses’.


What is VAT: an introduction: Discover how VAT works, how to register and more during this live webinar. Book here

Now you’re registered: This covers VAT rates, simple VAT accounting and things that aren’t subject to VAT. Book here

How to do your VAT Return: This webinar looks at how and when to send your VAT return. Book here

For more information, available at a time to suit your members, try our e-learning guides; VAT – Getting started’ and ‘VAT – How VAT works’.