Innovation Support Vouchers

Funds under this scheme are now fully committed.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce was named as the delivery partner Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to provide Innovation Support Vouchers to organisations across Oxfordshire.

This scheme was funded by the Regional Growth Fund and offered as part of Oxfordshire Business Support's Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) programme.

The Innovation Support Vouchers scheme

Innovation Support Vouchers worth up to a maximum of £5,000 per voucher were made available to grow Oxfordshire businesses and drive the creation of jobs.

Oxfordshire based SMEs could use the vouchers to claim back 50% of the costs for:

  • business training
  • specialised research or technical facilities

Who could access the funds?

To access the funds you needed to:

  • Be an Oxfordshire based business
  • Employ under 250 employees
  • Have turnover of less than £43m
  • Be an independent organisation (i.e. not part of a business exceeding employee and/or turnover limits)
  • Must have plans in place to create jobs

Other terms and conditions applied.

Satisfied customers

Nearly one hundred Oxfordshire SMEs benefited from an Innovation Support Voucher.

Satisfied customers include Gaynor Johnston, Training Sales and Marketing from Imago:

“We were fortunate to recently use the Oxfordshire Innovation Support Voucher scheme for some valuable and business critical training. The scheme is very straightforward to use and has a wide range of training providers. Our specific needs were in the area of social media and presentation skills. We are a relatively small company and would have been unable to proceed with the training had we not been granted access to this fabulous scheme!

We have received 2 full days of training using a terrific local provider. Our Sales people are now skilled up and whilst we cannot put a tangible figure on the benefit to our business, this training has without question, enabled our people. In the longer term, we expect to improve our sales pipeline as a result.  Many thanks to the team who has made this whole process seamless” 

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(courtesy of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce)

How do I apply for any future schemes which might be launched?

Funds under this scheme are now fully committed but should more funds become available in the future, details will be posted on our homepage.

For more information about current and up-coming OBS products please email enquiries@oxfordshirebusinesssupport.co.uk