Over 55,000 people are self-employed in Oxfordshire representing 11.5% of the economically active population

Two great Universities, which host world-leading faculties, provide the potential to support and encourage entrepreneurs and innovators as well as attracting global talent and businesses to the region

Oxfordshire boasts global leadership in clusters such as cryogenics, publishing and motorsport and has several science parks with pre-eminent facilities.

Oxfordshire’s future will come with ideas being promoted and developed by local resources.

Bernard Goodchild MBA, ACIS, ACIB, MIMBG.JPG
Network Navigator for Investment

Bernard has enjoyed a lifetime of managing business relationships from most sectors and in varying economic conditions, and a wide experience of working alongside business owners and supporting their varying financial needs.

Since leaving banking in 1998, Bernard has been offering advice and support to local businesses in the Oxford area, dedicated to assisting them with their challenges in financing, sales and marketing, people and process management. His services have included raising equity, debt and grant funds, developing Business Plans and strategies, developing marketing plans and people management.

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Resources for Investment

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  • Venture Capital - find out more about Venture Capital firms.