Business Resource Efficiency

Oxfordshire is regarded as one of the top five counties in the UK for low carbon entrepreneurial activity by total number of low carbon SMEs, generating over £1Billion worth of sales and employing 9000 people.

Oxfordshire shows high growth potential in alternative fuel motor vehicles, wind energy, and building technologies with world class R&D capabilities, coupled with innovative, low carbon technology businesses such as Oxford PV, Yasa Automotive, Zeta Group, Pilio Software Ltd, Navetas and Exhergy.

There is a long-standing energy research cluster at and around Harwell and Culham; there are also significant research and commercial expertise at Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford.

Offering three complementary strands to a low carbon economy, Oxfordshire offers a low carbon infrastructure sector, manufacturing led growth and a low carbon services led sector for the development of world-class activities based on business, financial, policy and technical services - as well as expert business support.

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Network Navigator for Business Resource Efficiency

Sam holds this role while studying for a PhD at Oxford University, in the Environmental Change Institute. His research focuses on SMEs, energy and government policy, and builds on a professional background of advising large corporations, small businesses, charities and governments on resource efficiency. He has worked on carbon footprinting, water conservation and packaging efficiency, and most recently managed three projects targeted at supporting SMEs to reduce emissions and increase competitiveness.

Sam is actively seeking businesses and non-profits in Oxfordshire to work with to save money and reduce environmental impact. He can help your organisation save money on energy by helping to find a better deal, identify energy savings measures and recommend investments which will pay for themselves. And of course, as part of OBS, all his time and advice comes for free!

Resources for Business Resource Efficiency

Environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses

Environmental taxes encourage your business to operate in a more environmentally friendly way. There are taxes and schemes for different types and size of business.

You may get reliefs or be exempt from some taxes, eg if:

  • you use a lot of energy because of the nature of your business
  • you’re a small business that doesn’t use much energy
  • you buy energy-efficient technology for your business

You can pay less tax by applying for schemes to help you demonstrate that you’re operating more efficiently and producing waste that’s less damaging.

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