Jennings Business Mentors

Jennings Business Mentors

Jennings Business Mentors is a not-for-profit organisation offering a free mentoring service to anyone who runs an owner-managed business in Oxfordshire. It is the only business mentoring service in the UK which is free, confidential, independent, and where the mentors are exclusively current business owners.

Who's it for?

Best described in the words of founder Mike Jennings: "People who run their own business ride an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows, stress and excitement. The support of a good mentor will help to gain perspective on all business issues."

It is aimed at businesses established for at least a year. Early stage businesses can get personalised support direct from Oxfordshire Business Enterprises (OBE).

What does it do?

A free, not-for-profit confidential mentoring service. All mentors currently run their own businesses are well networked locally understand the emotions business owners feel give their time free as they value giving something back to the Oxfordshire community.

What do people say?

"Didn't know what to expect as the mentor and myself are in different industries, but the fundamental basics of running a business are the same. Using her 7 years experience, Dorothee was able to make me like all the challenges I am facing, and recognise they are normal, not scary. I cannot wait to sit down with her again."

"The service offered is outstanding, especially considering that the mentors provide their time at no cost. If every major town and city had a similar service the UK economy would be in a much stronger position."

"The service is a great sounding board - they have people who have the experience of what it is like to run a small and medium size business. If you don't have any other options to bounce ideas off or if you don't have access to anyone who doesn't have some kind of bias to bounce the ideas off then why not give it a try."



Become a mentor

Jennings Business Mentors is constantly looking for entrepreneurs to join a growing group of committed mentors.

If you would like to join Jennings Business Mentors please note the following requirements:-

  1. You will need to show experience in setting up and running your own business
  2. You will need to be still running your own business
  3. Your business should not be a professional service
  4. You will need to show that you will be able to really care about your client. You will need to show humility and integrity. If your client cannot trust you then he/she will not be able to fully open up to you, and then you will not be able to help them.

In terms of commitment:

  1. You will need to be able to give up a full day for training
  2. Beyond that your commitment is up to you. You do not have to accept a client, but once you have accepted one you will be expected to continue the relationship as appropriate.
  3. Your own business and family commitments always come first. It is not uncommon for mentors to take a sabbatical.