Oxfordshire Business Enterprises (OBE)

Free expert advice for start-up businesses.

Oxfordshire Business Enterprises (OBE) are a not for profit organisation providing free and impartial advice on a wide range of business issues from self-employment to forming a company and from marketing to book-keeping.

Oxfordshire Business Enterprises brings together experienced business professionals with people anywhere in the Oxfordshire area seeking help either in starting a business or in the early stages of running one.

OBE's mission is:

  • To demystify business
  • To advise on how to get started
  • To increase the chances of a business being successful
  • To contribute to employment and wealth creation in Oxfordshire

In the last twenty years OBE have helped over 20,000 people considering a business venture in Oxfordshire.

"OBE helped us turn an idea into a business and talked us through things like rates, rent and the competition. The advice we received was very good quality and we were amazed it was free; it would normally cost a fortune."

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