A time of growth for Oxfordshire

The past few weeks have seen some significant political announcements that will impact on Oxfordshire businesses. The government triggered Article 50 meaning Britain should officially leave the EU no later than April 2019; and just a few days ago, the Prime Minister surprised the nation with the announcement of a snap general election.

Amidst the ongoing changes in the political landscape, we've taken significant steps to ensure we achieve continued, sustainable economic growth in Oxfordshire. In March, we launched a refreshed Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), designed as an ‘economic route map’ for the county’s successful development, taking into account the changing wider context for our economic wellbeing following the EU referendum.

Developed in consultation with Oxfordshire businesses and residents, with support from our local authorities, the SEP is underpinned by strategies relating to skills, innovation, culture, heritage and the environment. One of the key components is the new Innovation Strategy, which seeks to build on the county’s world class innovation credentials by inspiring further investment and accelerating delivery of innovation led economic growth. 

Oxfordshire is one of the best-performing counties within the UK, and our new strategies highlight the clear opportunity for the county’s globally recognised strengths to be at the forefront of emerging national policy. Our vision is to work with our partners to maximise the potential of our innovation-led economy to drive additional high value growth for the region and the UK as a whole. These are exciting times - as the political picture evolves, we are committed to ensuring Oxfordshire thrives and grows in the future.

Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of OxLEP