Tourism & Visitor Economy

Oxford is the seventh most visited city in the UK by international visitors and is the tourism gateway to the rest of Oxfordshire.

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The lead organisation for promoting and developing leisure, business and cultural tourism in Oxfordshire. Not-for-profit, with 170 member businesses, and partnership arrangements with local and national strategic bodies, Experience Oxfordshire aims to create an environment which will enable businesses to flourish.

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Oxfordshire contains a wealth of attractions including:

  • Blenheim Palace (UNESCO World Heritage listed)
  • Areas of outstanding natural beauty and waterways
  • Oxford University colleges
  • Walking, cycling and boating opportunities
  • Animal attractions
  • Museums and historical sites
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Cultural activities and festivals
  • Bicester Village
  • Henley‐on‐Thames (home to the Henley Festival)

It is estimated that Oxford welcomed nearly seven million domestic and overseas visitors in 2014, who contributed to the local economy with a total trip expenditure of £597 million, and a total turnover of £782m. Tourism spending supported 12.7% of the workforce, with over 13,000 jobs, an increase of 530 jobs from 2013. The new £500m Westgate Centre, opening in 2017, will attract 100 new retailers and create 3,400 jobs.