#StartUpOxford – A Sell OUT!

Once again OBN’s latest BioTuesday Event ‘Life Sciences Showcase – #StartUpOxford’, was over-subscribed. Kindly hosted and sponsored by Milton Park it attracted over 70 attendees from a wide variety of organisations.

The showcase was introduced and co-ordinated by George Robinson a renowned Hedge Fund Manager and Founding Partner at Sloane Robinson. George gave us his insight into funding for start-ups. Topics covered included How to take a life sciences start-up all the way, what investors/shareholders look for and innovation in the Oxfordshire life sciences cluster.

This was followed by a series of ten-minute company showcase presentations including:

  • Oxstem – CEO Dr. Michael Stein presenting on ‘cell programming therapies to switch on stem cells to drive regeneration’
  • Xerion – CTO Gareth Wakefield presenting on ‘nanoparticle augmented radiotherapy to enhance energy delivery to tumours’
  • Oxford Biotrans – CEO Jason King presenting on ‘patented P450 enzyme technology initially focused on high value flavours and fragrances’
  • Oxford NanoImaging – CEO Jeremy Warren presenting on ‘cost-effective microscopy based on super-resolution technology’
  • DJS Antibodies – CEO David Llewellyn presented on ‘novel approaches with monoclonal antibodies and GPCR technology’
  • Oxford Endovascular – CEO Mike Karim presenting on ‘Class III implantable devices to treat neurovascular disease’
  • OxSyBio – CEO Hadrian Green presenting on ‘3D bio-printing of tissues’

The scope and quality of the presentations once again emphasised the tremendous energy, variety and inventiveness of the Oxford Scientific and Business Cluster that is endemic in the ecosystem.

The event was followed by a lively networking session over wine and canapes.

OBN Events go from strength to strength and are frequently over-subscribed. To gain early notice of events and avoid disappointment you should be on our mailing list. Email Stephen Barton if you are unsure.