UK Space Agency Space Exploration Education and Outreach funding

The UK Space Agency is making in the region of £150k available for education and outreach activities related to its space exploration programmes.

Their space exploration programmes provide a range of opportunities for inspiring learning and interest in UK space activities and science in general.

The objectives of the education programme are:

  • Encourage children to take up and excel at STEM subjects;
  • Raise awareness of careers in space-related industries and research;
  • Raise wider awareness of the UK’s space exploration programme.

The purpose of this AO is to build upon the Agency’s investment in two areas:

  • the Aurora programme for robotic exploration of Mars
  • the ELIPS programme for microgravity research

Where proposals concern the ELIPS programme or human spaceflight, this must be clear and distinct from activities concerning Tim Peake’s mission, which has its own extensive programme of dedicated education.  Under the terms of the present call, the Agency is primarily interested in those complementary research platforms which underpin human spaceflight (e.g. drop towers, the Concordia station, bed rest, parabolic flights, etc).

The Agency expects to make between 3 and 6 awards, up to a total value of around £150k.

Projects may be targeted at specific audiences and may include:

  • Delivery of curriculum enrichment activities
  • Delivery of activities to promote careers in the space sector 
  • Broader outreach projects in less formal settings

Criteria and Review Proposals will be judged by a Review Panel led by the UK Space Agency and supported by representatives of the UK space community. 

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