Games Hub: 30th September deadline

Aspiring games and app developers can now to apply to join the award winning Games Hub. 40 places are available for those aspiring to start their own games or app development company. The deadline for applications is 30th September.

All about the Games Hub

The Games Hub is an incredibly unique, award winning games and business development studio. Created, designed and founded by BAFTA nominated and top 10 Creative England top 50 Future Leader, veteran games developer Steven Huckle of Shark Infested Custard. Stevens’s history spans almost 30 years of making games, from pixel artist to art director, with his work on titles such as Sensible Soccer, Tomb Raider, FIFA, The Sims, DJ Hero and Transformers Universe to name but a few.

Working in partnership with the University of Essex and based on their Knowledge Gateway and with the support of the Eastern Enterprise Hub, The Games Hub runs it’s exceptional and free, expert driven programme. A programme designed to enable those with the aspiration and passion to set up their own games company or enter the industry, everything they need to be a success.

In the hubs first 18 months and 3 rounds has already, in that short time, seen more than 50 people come through the programme and 5 teams set up and establish their own award winning development companies.