Oxford VIEW

VIEW (“Venture Idea Exploration Workshop”) is a free startup programme comprising two courses designed for teams of University of Oxford students, MBAs, graduates, alumni and staff **. 

The first course (VIEW I) focusses on exploring an entrepreneurial idea, and testing to see if there is a potentially feasible market for it. The second, more advanced, course (VIEW II) takes your researched or validated idea, and looks at how to turn it into a viable business venture.

Each course comprises six weekly evenings sessions, and runs in both Hilary and Trinity terms. Sessions will involve a mix of taught theory, giving presentations and receiving feedback, and interactive workshops.

Applications for VIEW in Hilary Term 2017 are now open - apply now! 

** Please note that at least one member of each participating team needs to have a connection to the University of Oxford, be it as a student, researcher, alumni or staff member.

The Workshop

Working in teams, participants will become familiar with the leading entrepreneurial theories, research, concepts and frameworks, and apply them to their venture idea in real time. They will also practise important entrepreneurial skills such as pitching and presentations, market research, dealing with (and giving) feedback, and business modelling.

The teams will each be given experienced entrepreneurial mentors, with whom to explore their ideas in a safe environment. The final of the six sessions will comprise real pitches to academic and industry start-up experts.

VIEW I - Evaluating the Opportunity
For teams who have an early stage idea or concept, but need to carry out a more thorough assessment to better understand its feasibility. Teams will explore the business concept in greater depth, in particular evaluating the potential market opportunity. By the end, you should be able to form a view as to whether your concept is ready for taking to the next stage, and be comfortable presenting your ideas to industry insiders. Key areas of focus will include:

a) Customer Value Proposition
b) Market Size / Trends
c) Competitive Landscape
d) Market Research

VIEW I will take place every Monday, starting on the 30th January and ending on 6th February. 

VIEW II – Preparing the Venture
Once you have validated your market opportunity, it’s time to turn your concept or idea into an actual venture. We will help you evaluate your concept’s commerciality and enhance your competitive advantage. By the end of VIEW II, you will have identified your venture’s advantages and disadvantages, know what’s required in order to launch and grow the business (including the basic financial requirements), and have the confidence to pitch your concept to the market (customers, suppliers, investors, etc). In particular, we will explore:

a) Business Model
b) Launch & Customer Acquisition
c) Competitive Advantage
d) Financials

VIEW II will take place every Tuesday, starting on the 31st January and ending on 7th February. 

Apply now for VIEW in Hilary Term 2017